enough said | 2003-02-05 - 9:45 p.m.

I was busy escribiendo the tercera part of my love story this fin de semana when I heard the tragic noticia about the Columbia crash. With a little ayuda from the media, I quickly saw that my inminente love affair with Roger the Orc Slayer amounted to little more than a hill of frijoles next to this cosmic desastre.

Did you hear the Presidente's impassioned discurso to NASA on Tuesday? I did not, but I did read an artículo in which the Presidente's speech was extensively quoted, and what stayed with me long after the aftertaste of stale metaphors was the Presidente's repeated alusiones to the astronauts' last palabras. Their last quotable palabras, that is, before they embarked upon their doomed mission.

Some of them had hablado of the cosmic insignificancia of Earth, others of the indomitable will of the other men and women behind the space programa. "This program will go on." "If this thing doesn't come out right, don't worry about me; I'm just going on higher." On and on the quotations went, like a poema of Rod McKuen. The parloteo of these astronauts made the silencio of Columbia pilot William McCool -- who'd apparently neglected to entrust any courageous palabras to the custodia of the local pastor -- all the more conspicuous. When it came to Sr. McCool, Bush had poco más to say about the hombre than that he was a "fearless test pilot."

I say this como si fuera a bad thing. It wasn't. When Colonel Ilan Ramon, the doomed Israeli space traveler, was quoted as saying, "I only hope that the quiet of space can one day spread to my country," I thought, the man's got a point there. I only wish the quiet of space would extend to our platitudinous Presidente and the slavering, tragedy-mining media.

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