tirar por la calle de en medio | 2003-01-28 - 8:22 p.m.

A prudish little voz in my cabeza warned me to slam the teléfono down in its cradle without delay. ¡Cuelga ahorita! it shrilled.

Anyone who knows me will know that I do not often prestar atención to little voices, no matter how shrill and insistentes. No, amigos, it is the big voices,like Pedro's authoritative barítono or Concha's rich, descarado contralto, that grab me. People with deep, sonorous voices need but recitar the phonebook and I will listen, fascinada.

Roger, I inmediatamente understood, was one of these people. Despite the áspero cough, despite the early-morning, bong-induced scratchiness, his voice was deep and resonant, like the voz of the great wizard of Oz. Mesmerized, I clutched the grimy auricular to my ear, eager for his next palabras.

"So," continuaba Roger, "I was thinking about you last night."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Yeah. I was thinking about that time you cast that flatulence spell on the Troll King."

"... Oh?"



"... And I was uh, wondering if you, uh, wanted to uh, you know."

"No, what?" I asked.

"Uh, you know. Hang out."

In my thirty-odd años, I have heard the dance of love referred to in many ways, but not desde high school have I encontrado this particular locución. De repente, I experienced a shudder of miedo. Recordando my abuelita's on-line dating catástrofe, I began to wonder if I was not headed in the same dirección. How old was this Roger, anyway? the shrill little voice in my cabeza began demandando.

And then it occurred to me that nadie younger than treinte años of edad would ever, ever non-ironicalmente use the expresión "hang out." Al menos, not outside of an eighties revival party. Roger may have had his faults, I decided, but at least he was no teen.

"Okay, bien," I said. "Here, or in Chula Vista?"

"Why don't we meet up there?" he asked. "In V*n N*ys."

"Okay," I replied. By now, the shrill voice of reason was chillando at me to desist. But it was all but muffled by the insistent golpeteo of my heart.

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